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An Appeal for Creating Additional C-SPAN Channels

C-SPAN, a brilliant creation of the Cable TV Industry, gave us in 1979, our first glimpse into the inner workings of our very own Government! From the beginning of Congress, centuries ago, and before this wonderful innovation, we could only learn about what was going on in our seat of democracy AFTER it happened, when we citizens read about it in the newspaper, or in later years, with “newly developing technology”, we could hear about it, announced and discussed on the RADIO!

But, today, with newest technology, C-SPAN 1 gives us TV live access to our own House of Representatives. C-SPAN 2 gives us TV access to our Senate. C-SPAN 3 is for books, etc. This is truly amazing to see our Democracy in action! BUT! What do you think of initiating a request for newer access in the form of C-SPANs 4, 5 and 6?

These new C-SPAN TV channels can provide us with perhaps federally subsidized, and non-commercial, public access for the explicit purpose of political campaigns.

A grievous paradox, counter to the ideals of a true Peoples’ Democracy, wherein our own voices should be given respect and listened to, is the ironic, often quoted saying that: “WE HAVE THE BEST DEMOCRACY THAT MONEY CAN BUY!” Shameful!

By adding 3 new C-SPAN channels, it could be: Democrats on C-SPAN 4; Republicans on C-SPAN 5; and Independents on C-SPAN 6. And every word of the campaigns, and discourse for each of the political parties, can be spoken directly to C-SPAN watchers, bypassing expensive advertising. As a matter of ethical “cleanliness”, we’d need to require that monetary input be forbidden, and perhaps donations to C-SPAN, itself, can be the mechanism by which this more democratic innovation might be funded.

A sad detriment to the ideal of democracy, is the way the two-party system has developed, that almost assures that they will be adversarial and highly competitive, rather than cooperative. Big money funders gain power in this manner, and power does not easily relinquish itself! I love the idea of a more Parliamentary System, wherein those who prefer a Green Party, or a Working People’s Party, etc. can have equal access to promoting their point of view. Unfortunately, at this time, if you vote for a third party, you are diminishing the total number of votes for what might be your preferred second choice of a major party, in our present fiercely adversarial two-party system, actually giving a numeric advantage to the OTHER party, instead.