Holiday greetings from Beth, who hopes for peace in the world in the New Year.

Thought you might enjoy this short but cute holiday “moosical” animation video clip (running time: 2 minutes 17 seconds).

May the coming New Year be happier!

From Beth and the Webmaster.

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Code of Ethics for a Corporation

by Beth K. Lamont, Humanist Celebrant and Advocate

We, the undersigned individuals, and as Members of the below designated Corporation, do ascribe to the following considerations in the daily practice of our Business:

  1. We agree with, and strive to uphold, the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as described by the United Nations. Respect and Ethical treatment for All of Humankind on Planet Earth is of greatest importance in our business practices.

  2. Respect and protection for our precious gift, Planet Earth, as our one and only Human Habitat, and the home to be inhabited by our own Grand Children and our own offspring for centuries to come, is vitally important! We must be cognizant of the relationship between the activities of our Corporate work and its effect upon the atmosphere and other conditions that had, before industrialization, remained fairly stable and hospitable to life on Earth for many centuries. Climate change must be acknowledged! Scarcity of clean water will be a threat to our lives, and the rising of the Oceans, an immediate concern.

  3. Wherever we do business, in whatever country or community, we promise to respect and uphold all local law. When we have entered into a contract to do business, and those with whom we have made such arrangement find fault or disagreement with the way we are proceeding, their complaints must be considered, and perhaps some compromise or agreement must be found. Local concerns and governments must never be found, by the World Trade Court, of being in “violation of profit making.” We honor local concerns!

  4. We will pay proper local or national taxes in each country where we do business, and never claim that our headquarters is located in a place where no taxes are required.

  5. We will honor local labor needs and prevailing wages in every country where we do business. If we do business in the USA, for instance, we will always hire locally available workers rather than “outsourcing” to another country where the labor is cheaper.

  6. We acknowledge that the “Value” of our Stock on the Market is of great importance to the stability of our corporation, BUT, we also recognize that profit for “investors” is of lesser importance than the survival of our corporation, the good work that it does, and the continuity of its Board of Directors and its Staff. When we avow and prove compliance with all of the above considerations, we then demand that the “Value” of our Stock be enhanced by crediting appropriate points, as to “Compliant Ethical Corporations.” These credit points will be established by a Consumer Corporation Accreditation Committee headed by People’s Advocate Elizabeth Warren in Congress, and will always henceforth be reported to the Public on the “nightly news” as a celebratory acknowledgment of our Corporation’s respect for the People and the Planet, as well as the profit-making.

Undersigned below:   _______________________________________________


Because I’m a wilted Flowerchild from Haight-Ashbury, I advocate making love, not war!

Are we making any progress?

“Open Mic Gypsy” Beth Lamont for Rimes of The Ancient Mariner September 28, 2016 @ Three of Cups Lounge.

Published on YouTube on October 9, 2016 under a Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) by Phillip Giambri aka “The Ancient Mariner” who is a writer, storyteller, poet, and spoken word performer.

Running time: 2 minutes 8 seconds

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Celebrating February 12th

Beth K. Lamont  2015

Two of my heroes were born on this day,
Creating milestones in history, each in their way.
Earthshaking Giants born 18-09.
From humble beginnings, new thoughts would align.

ABE hoping that issues of slavery were solved;
CHARLIE explaining how Humans evolved!
Each scathingly criticized, reviled and offended
By haters of truth…still today hasn’t ended!

Are we ONE People and ONE Human Race?
How did we get here? Zapped into place?
By god or by allah, each favoring “a few.”
And these tribes are still warring! Is anything new?

Planet Earth is in trouble! Millions scream it out loud!
We could all be aborted in a mushroom shaped cloud!
Tribunals can’t deal with these problems for solving.
One hopes that we Humans might still be Evolving!

A four million year childhood? Let’s put this behind us!
Adult caring and sharing and love should remind us
That we’re not wicked, not evil, not that kind of creatures!
We’re hard-wired for goodness. that’s one of our features!

The view of our Planet Earth captured from Space
Proves that we Earthlings are ONE Human Race!
It showed no nation’s dominions; no ethnic enclaves…
Some People the Masters; some People the Slaves!

Now, there’s accessible info and sharing of tech!
No more back-of-the-bus! Now, all-hands-on-deck!
We precious Humans are equal; there are no sub-sets!
No more killing and warfare! Make no more regrets!

Power to the People! We’ll level the field!
No more profits to warmongers! They’ll have to yield!
Let’s salute CHARLIE and ABE! A toast to them would be nice!
Observe us multi-hued Humans on your hand-held device!

Charles Darwin.

Lefties Are In Their Right Minds!

I will be leading the Lefties Are In Their Right Minds! panel discussion at Left Forum 2015 today. Please attend!

Left Forum 2015.

Political Misunderstanding Of The Mothering-Nurturing-Compassionate Aspect Of Our Lives

On Mother’s Day 2015, I’m painfully aware of a great dichotomy of political opinion regarding the strengths of this country. We might all assert to be “Patriotic Americans!” Of course!

Some will point to the “undisputed fact” that “We’re The Good Guys!” Didn’t we defeat the Nazis, and come to the rescue of the world? My own loving Son believes that I’m too critical of US Foreign policies. I respect and fully understand his point of view, in that he believes in economic and military power, and with his assigned role as Protector, defending US is primary, BUT,

As a Mother, my focus is more on the wellbeing of the whole Human Family, not just a few sub-segments, of it. After all, the United States of America is just one Member of this global Human Family. We assert to be the most powerful, because we hold, and will not relinquish, the power to respond militarily to any asserted threat that our militarily minded leaders may perceive.

This literally scares the hell outta me! Why is negotiation and seeking non-military solutions considered wimpish and subject to criticism? I am so concerned that, in the absence of, or the ineffective presentation of a coherent model of World Power that is non-military, we Americans will fall prey (let-us-prey?) to the “Military Industrial Complex” of which Dwight Eisenhower warned us, and in the din of electoral politics, in this “best democracy that money can buy,” might choose to confront adversity, as-in: “the Christians against the Muslims” with insanity!

Regardless of who sits in the Oval Office, I fear that Dr. Strangelove might be convincingly more powerful. The basic primitive response to perceived aggression is “us against them,” wholly disregarding our thousands of years of Human history and the wisdom gained thereby. Corliss Lamont, a Patriotic Champion of Civil Liberties, wrote in 1952, pamphlets discussing US Foreign Policies, and titled one pamphlet: “Are We Being Talked Into War?” This man saw the dangers of commitment to military “solutions” in response to perceived or imagined threats as insanity, way back then!

Here’s a bit of history that is not often discussed for the general public. Perhaps is academic circles it may be clinically diagnosed, but any finding produced thereby have not filtered into general knowledge by our populace, especially potential voters. This is my biggest scare.

I fear that passionate Nationalism with all of its fearful implications will become the official US stance on the world scene, if not properly grounded in some motherly attention to history.

Let it begin with technology. Human creativity and ingenuity has brought us to an amazing never before moment in our human evolution. We now have the power to cause the extinction of this whole human experience! Poof! In a series of nuclear blasts, you know…the “Mushroom shaped cloud” bit! Nothing left but, maybe the cockroaches. ON THE OTHER HAND…..tada, we now have, thanks to technology, PEOPLE POWER! We human beings can communicate with EACH OTHER! Maybe, we can get it together, in the best interest of human survival?

Come sit by my knee, and let me tell you a story. It began, way back in the late 1800s, when the compassionate scholarship of some important whistle-blowers of the time, saw that the powerful industrial revolution that was going-on, didn’t filter down to the workers! The great potential for human betterment was being short-stopped at the paycheck, and was overflowing the coffers of the investors! WOW! What a shocking assertion! Of course, this accusation didn’t sit well with the investors, the bankers, and the corporations that promoted the industrial revolution. It literally sacred the hell-outta-them! The whole point of their investment was…guess what? It was to make money! If there were any altruistic aspects of their investment, they were usually sacrificed on the alter of profit-making, by decisions of the powerful. So, naturally, in their own best interests, they must oppose this mistaken conspiracy at all costs! And indeed, they did.

Ever since, in one form or another, the attempt to thwart, deride, propagandize, oppose, any move by the Workers to gain respect and a more equitable share of the profit, has succeeded!

You may be old enough to have experienced the Red Scare right here in the good ‘ol US of A? No? You haven’t heard of the Palmer Raids? How about Socialists elected-into office by New York Voters, who were refused entrance to the NY Legislature, because of their “foreign” beliefs? How about tales of the “Evil Empire” and fearsome Socialism? Totalitarianism? What about the House Un-American Activities Committee to root out the cancer of communism in our communities, then even worse, Joseph McCarthy who saw a “commie” under every bed?

I’ll tell you, the powers that be have really done a number on the concept of equitable treatment of workers and of human beings in general, even respect for planet Earth, to convince us that we Earthlings are not worthy of better treatment and humane considerations for our health and wellbeing, for the safety and happiness of our families, for fair treatment of all of us humans regardless of our heritage. Many workers, to this day, will automatically respond negatively to the word “socialism” This is almost a kneejerk reaction, with head shaking, disapproving of any ideas of those foreign ideas. Alas, our workers are in desperate need of the best ideals of the Socialist economic ideals. Workers of the World Unite! That was the battle cry in the 1900s! They didn’t unite, and the battle still rages. Socialism does NOT mean totalitarianism! Instead, it is a concept that is humanitarian and of benefit to the People. It is only when governments are fierce and controlling in protecting ITSELF, rather than the rights of its own People!

Because the average American voter, who may not be aware of our own history, or steeped in the lore of equality and justice, and identify with the history of the people’s attempt to have a stronger voice in decisions made in this country, we might be vulnerable to a strong backlash surge of militaristic nationalism in an upcoming election, in which the ideals of “America First” might prevail. This could usher us into a world of fascism that could make the Nazi’s look like Boy Scouts in comparison. Never mind Europe; some fanatics envision Global domination. Don’t we have a military finger in every pie on the face of this Earth? Maybe, a finger in the EYE of almost every Human? This is truly a fearful prospect. We need a peaceful Earth.

In the 1930s, in Germany, the ideals of Socialism and of Communism were in opposition, with adherents of each party competing fiercely, rather then articulating and presenting a coherent and comprehensive vision to appeal to the voters of Germany, they were pretty much rejected as a source of wisdom and power, almost like “You trouble making foreigners go home to the USSR!” It was into this absence of a coherent articulation of the ideals of socialist society, that a powerful surge of German Nationalism arose. Germany Uber Alles! This led to the Nazi power.

It’s still Mother’s Day 2015. I worry about all the kids on the face of this Earth who will benefit from a Humanistic approach to the complex problems on this Planet. Military power will not bring safety, respect, equality, civil liberties, health care, education, food and shelter. Human concerns are more closely aligned with the social aspects of the Humanist philosophy and must not be feared. We’re social beings; we’ve evolved from compassionate ancestors: MOTHERS!

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Remembering a Volga River Tour with Promoting Enduring Peace

Running time: 8 minutes 42 seconds

YouTube Channel: Struggle Video Media

TSVN – The Struggle Video News a Project of The Middle East Crisis Committee, Woodbridge, CT.

Interview with Beth Lamont, widow of Corliss Lamont, at the two-day event entitled “Symposium: The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction” held February 28 & March 1, 2015 at the New York Academy of Medicine.

The symposium is a project of The Helen Caldicott Foundation for a Nuclear Free Future, Ashville, NC.

Features recollection of her travel on the Volga River in the then Soviet Union in the 1980’s.

Video courtesy of Stanley Heller, Secretary of Promoting Enduring Peace, New Haven, CT.

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WebM video format.
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Now celebrating its 10th year, Left Forum is the largest annual conference in the United States of the broad spectrum progressive intellectuals, activists, scholars, organizations and the interested public. Each year thousands of conference participants come together in New York City to discuss pressing local, national and global issues; to better understand commonalities and differences, and alternatives to current predicaments; or to share ideas to help build social movements to transform the world.

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This just in… from Sara Flounders via Norman Roscoe.


March and Rally: Monday, May 26, 2014 at 1:00 PM.

Gather at Times Square, 42nd Street and 7th Avenue, NYC.
March to CNN Columbus Circle.



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New York City, NY
September 2, 2013

Hello Dear President Barack Obama,

I’m writing to urge that you use all possible diplomatic means to help solve the present dilemma with Syria. Please do not take military action toward Syria.

You are getting all kinds of advice from your official Advisors. I hope that some are warning of long range dangers and counter productive repercussions among our allies, and even among our enemies, on the world scene, if the US resorts to bombing.

Using chemical weapons on one’s own citizens is indeed a reprehensible act! We all recognize that this violates the laws of human decency, and is counter to international agreements. You are quite correct in calling attention to this grievous violation!

People all around the world are shocked and dismayed at this new chemical violence in Syria, that follow the previous outrages of murdering hundreds of civilian protestors in the streets.

Many of us, wary of historical “false flag” operations, wonder who are the actual perpetrators of this use of Sarin Gas. Was it really initiated by the Assad regime, or could it have been used by a covert entity that planned for the US to assume Assad’s guilt; certain that US would take action; accusing it of “crossing the line;” and then bombing Syria in retaliation? How can we know for certain?

Please, until further determination, I am urging that no military action be taken. There are those of military mindset who would have you authorize an immediate surgical strike, giving a decisive blow to punish the Assad regime. Even initiating a “quarantine” would be better than bombing. But, there are other considerations that you may wish to consider.

This is a pivotal time in world events, especially with the availability of Internet information. New access to “old” information, regarding US foreign policy secrets, and hence whistle-blowing, has left the US in a few embarrassing situations, with a lot of “Egg on its face!”

The US has used Napalm and depleted Uranium on civilian populations. For these violations, the credibility of our own “righteousness” is called into question.

Not only are we hypocrites, we are still relying on primitive military means to solve complicated world problems, that instead need wisdom and finesse.

Oh, yes! We can boast that we can bomb the hell out of anybody on Earth! This is a boast you’d expect of a psychopath! Not a nation that values human life.

Dear President Obama….you are NOT guilty of any of these previous wrongs!

You did NOT use Napalm! You did NOT use depleted Uranium!

You can be the initiator of a new and more honest US approach with which to face the world. The American People believe that we can do better. We do NOT want WAR!

We Peace Persons want you to close Guantanamo and stop relying on targeted assassination that creates new enemies! You have the right to make new and wiser decisions of your own. You have the right to cast off the burdens of old wars that you inherited. Cast off the poor decisions that were made in previous administrations.

The US can “Come Clean!” Start a new and ethical approach for US foreign policy!

This is the “change” that we, who voted for you, had in mind. “Yes, we can!” is still our Mantra! We CAN pledge that we will not just automatically respond militarily to situations that can be better solved by more diplomatic means.

The rest of the world will rejoice upon observing this new wisdom. Many will be eager to work with us, against our common enemies. Our worst enemies are anger, ignorance and vengeance.

I love the idea of our fostering democracy around the world, and wish for the US to promote peaceful negotiations among those with opposing agendas and opposing viewpoints. This is the urgent need. Please retire the military mindset?

Please, Dear President Obama, use all diplomatic means to solve world problems.

Thank you for your consideration,
Beth K. Lamont, Humanist Celebrant, and Widow of Corliss Lamont

P.S. I would really appreciate a response. Thank you again.

Today, I really felt sorry for the poor fellow who stated that women can’t succeed in business because they have babies! He really got lambasted, and accused of reiterating “the glass ceiling” limitation…further accusing that he asserted women are totally incapable of making effective business decisions because their thoughts are instead, with the child.

Someone slyly pointed out that his corporation sells infant formula and that he’d most likely prefer for women to all stay home and feed babies.

I’d like to take issue with all of his accusers! I’d like to point out that rather than a sexist and denigrating statement, this man has inadvertently championed one of the most significant attributes, even a most potential virtue of a woman.

The decisions that are demanded of a CEO to maximize the profits of any corporation are, to say the least,…troublesome. That person who does not do everything in their power to maximize profits, might even be fired by a Board of Directors, or be publicly accused by the Shareholders of failing in his/her duties, if their decision results in financial damage or a loss of value on the Stock Market.

This is the supreme value of the Capitalist economic system: to secure profit for the investor! This is the nature of the Beast! The monetary decisions made can often times be at odds with other values that consequently must be disregarded. A CEO is obligated to, and pressured to make decisions that may ultimately cause harm to his or her own descendents. Some cultures consider the long range benefit or danger to a seventh generation, which certainly heightens responsibility.

A CEO who is a Father, or a Grandfather, will no doubt wish to create the most financially secure future for his Family, and will naturally be focused on doing his best according to conventional wisdom and market values. A CEO who is a Mother, or a Grandmother, might have a different take on the whole situation! Consider this:

A Mother has already been in cahoots with nature. She has participated in the most amazing miracle of creating a human being from a single fertilized ovum, and from her own body has brought forth a living projection into the future. She even more than the Father has made a total commitment over those necessary months to the wonderment of this task, that we often take for granted. It is she, who has a greater stake in creating a world that will best protect her progeny. It is she who may recognize the ultimate dangers of risk-taking!

What kind of decisions might she make that involve the sustainability of our way of life and of the survival of our precious Planet Earth? Might she be more cognizant of the working conditions of all, but perhaps, especially of women, who are treated disrespectfully in the “sweatshops” of the world, where their life’s blood may be squeezed out of them to pour upon the almighty altar of profits!

I would even assert for all the world to consider that Mothers are the very kinds of CEOs that this weary old world needs. Perhaps she can bring to the Corporate Board a real discussion about the long neglected values of sustainability that are vital to our Human well-being:


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