It’s Gift-Giving Time!  Give Humanist Books!

Half-Moon Foundation, Inc., dedicated to the Humanist Philosophy; Respect for all of Humankind; Promotion of Peace; and Protection of Planet Earth, is an organization that will benefit from your donation, and benefit yourself.

More information about this Foundation is available on Corliss Lamont Website

Presently, it sponsors the historical information about the Man. It tells the story of his courage, his lawsuits, and his lifetime devotion to truth, and social and economic Justice!

All the books of this philosopher are listed on his Web site.

As a Thank You for your donation to the Foundation, in any amount, an official letterhead acknowledgment will come to you, and now, in addition, your choice of the Books of Corliss Lamont will also be sent immediately, in time for Holiday gift-giving. It’s as simple as clicking a PayPal button.

All of his books are listed there. You may want copies of all of them, several of each, or boxes of the same title for your study group. Philosophy of Humanism, Eighth Edition is the de-gendered version. Lefties Are In Their Right Minds is also available; Corliss wrote: You Might Like Socialism.

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Note: This special offer extends through March 31, 2015.