A screaming problem with our long-hoped-for Democracy is the unlimited Campaign contributions that gives us the “best democracy that money can buy!” This amounts to, instead, an hypocrisy, that needs to be amended! Just think of that! What we have is an hypocrisy! Not a democracy! And wealthy donors have more power to do their bidding than the rest of us!

Please create a Law that limits political spending, and especially verifiable “receiving” by candidates of any campaign money over a certain fixed, maximum amount. This is most important to a Democracy!

Also, please seriously consider this suggested important change!

There is a GIANT FLAW in the traditional 2-Party System that limits the participation of ALL people to bring their concerns to nation wide attention in the Congress. The 2-Party format is a rigged system!

When, out of our values and our ethical concerns, we Vote for a 3rd party that better represents us, our Vote then detracts from a Major Party. In my case, and with many others, this means having to make a painful choice. It means I may NOT VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE, because they don’t YET represent my Cause. I’m actually “wasting” my Vote, thereby, to SATISFY MY CONSCIENCE, still hoping to make a point.

Or, instead, I can grit my teeth, and cast my vote for a candidate and party that doesn’t yet represent my CONCERN OR CAUSE. OI! What a choice!

Parliamentary systems may have a better chance of representing this need for diversity, whereby the various parties will have the right to enter the ring and to duke-it-out, persuasively, hoping to make their point.

Back to my problem…I wish to Vote for a Democratic Socialist like Bernie Sanders! In the 2016 election, he was respectful, and didn’t run on a 3rd party, because of this detrimental detraction factor. He saw that this was problem. He was ethical, but THEY didn’t support HIM!

So, logically, by Voting my conscience for a 3rd Party, and thereby withholding my Vote from the Democrats, this gives a numerical advantage to the opposition! My vote would actually help the Republicans! That’s how they will always benefit from any 3rd party Vote!

We, logical and ethical Voters are automatically TRUMPED by this strange illogical “either-or” (TweedleDum or TweedleDummer) arrangement!

Rather than diminishing the Democrat’s total, our Democratic Socialist Vote can, and must, feed into the Democrat’s total to give them a numerical advantage.

This will necessitate a change to a 2-PART VOTING SYSTEM, so that we would be able to Vote our first and second choices. I could vote: Social Democrat/(slash) Democrat! This 2-PART VOTE will sure beat the hell out of the counter-productive 2-Party system!

Hopefully, there will come a time when this “feed-into” movement becomes so powerful and overwhelming, that it will have to be recognized and be acknowledged by all, and will eventually STAND ALONE! The Democrats will have become the minority, IF THEY DO NOT MAKE A LEFT TURN! The Social Democrats, with THEIR CONCERNS will then represent the prevailing Party!

Republicans may even favor this new system as well, and approve it, because their own minority voters will wish to have their own causes represented, such as Right to Life/(slash) Republican, for instance.

Who do you think might wish to introduce a bill to initiate this change?

I favor Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren! Thanks for your good work!

Best wishes from Beth K. Lamont, Humanist Celebrant, and author of Lefties Are In Their Right Minds