New York City, NY
September 2, 2013

Hello Dear President Barack Obama,

I’m writing to urge that you use all possible diplomatic means to help solve the present dilemma with Syria. Please do not take military action toward Syria.

You are getting all kinds of advice from your official Advisors. I hope that some are warning of long range dangers and counter productive repercussions among our allies, and even among our enemies, on the world scene, if the US resorts to bombing.

Using chemical weapons on one’s own citizens is indeed a reprehensible act! We all recognize that this violates the laws of human decency, and is counter to international agreements. You are quite correct in calling attention to this grievous violation!

People all around the world are shocked and dismayed at this new chemical violence in Syria, that follow the previous outrages of murdering hundreds of civilian protestors in the streets.

Many of us, wary of historical “false flag” operations, wonder who are the actual perpetrators of this use of Sarin Gas. Was it really initiated by the Assad regime, or could it have been used by a covert entity that planned for the US to assume Assad’s guilt; certain that US would take action; accusing it of “crossing the line;” and then bombing Syria in retaliation? How can we know for certain?

Please, until further determination, I am urging that no military action be taken. There are those of military mindset who would have you authorize an immediate surgical strike, giving a decisive blow to punish the Assad regime. Even initiating a “quarantine” would be better than bombing. But, there are other considerations that you may wish to consider.

This is a pivotal time in world events, especially with the availability of Internet information. New access to “old” information, regarding US foreign policy secrets, and hence whistle-blowing, has left the US in a few embarrassing situations, with a lot of “Egg on its face!”

The US has used Napalm and depleted Uranium on civilian populations. For these violations, the credibility of our own “righteousness” is called into question.

Not only are we hypocrites, we are still relying on primitive military means to solve complicated world problems, that instead need wisdom and finesse.

Oh, yes! We can boast that we can bomb the hell out of anybody on Earth! This is a boast you’d expect of a psychopath! Not a nation that values human life.

Dear President Obama….you are NOT guilty of any of these previous wrongs!

You did NOT use Napalm! You did NOT use depleted Uranium!

You can be the initiator of a new and more honest US approach with which to face the world. The American People believe that we can do better. We do NOT want WAR!

We Peace Persons want you to close Guantanamo and stop relying on targeted assassination that creates new enemies! You have the right to make new and wiser decisions of your own. You have the right to cast off the burdens of old wars that you inherited. Cast off the poor decisions that were made in previous administrations.

The US can “Come Clean!” Start a new and ethical approach for US foreign policy!

This is the “change” that we, who voted for you, had in mind. “Yes, we can!” is still our Mantra! We CAN pledge that we will not just automatically respond militarily to situations that can be better solved by more diplomatic means.

The rest of the world will rejoice upon observing this new wisdom. Many will be eager to work with us, against our common enemies. Our worst enemies are anger, ignorance and vengeance.

I love the idea of our fostering democracy around the world, and wish for the US to promote peaceful negotiations among those with opposing agendas and opposing viewpoints. This is the urgent need. Please retire the military mindset?

Please, Dear President Obama, use all diplomatic means to solve world problems.

Thank you for your consideration,
Beth K. Lamont, Humanist Celebrant, and Widow of Corliss Lamont

P.S. I would really appreciate a response. Thank you again.