January 2013

Hello Dear President Obama!

We have been told that you have a KILL LIST! That you may personally decide who is our enemy today! Who is to be targeted today! And that these decisions are based upon recommendations to you, by persons whom we do NOT know, and by what criteria we also do NOT know. And, they recommend that, in the best interests of the People of the United States of America, these targeted alleged enemies should be ELIMINATED! These…direct and targeted murders shall be carried out in the name of the American People?

This is totally NUTS! This sounds more like a stupid movie plot involving juveniles waging gang warfare, than reflective of any Statesman-like posture of Ethical Leadership in the International arena. This is worse than war!

What the Hell is going on? Are we not a Nation of Laws? Is there no sense of Human Decency?

Dear President Obama, please have the courage to renounce these advisors who are purveyors of vested interests. This course of action is NOT PROTECTING US! The following of their advice actually creates MORE hatred and more vows of revenge against the American People. The resulting revenge thus merely perpetuates MORE murder in unending cycles.

I am a proud American. I want to believe that we’re the good guys…at least we used to think we were, at some long-lost moment in time. I want to be a law abiding American citizen. I do believe that most Americans who voted for you, want to believe that we’re the good guys. We would rather be helping than hurting people of other nations. We shrieked and raged against Nazi atrocities and their aims of world domination. We renounce this image!

If world domination…even economically, and therefore militarily, is where your advisors are taking the US, then please, Mr. President, renounce their aims. Divorce yourself from this madness!

This inhumane, insane and illegal concept was once displayed on the Internet as: WWW.UNITEDSTATESPACECOMMAND.GOV (no longer an active link)

On that Web site there was a pledge to “control Space” in the interest of the US and its INVESTMENTS and “to ZAP naughty nations.”

A PDF produced by that organization, once (but no longer) available from the Federation of American Scientists, is now directly downloadable from this site at: United States Space Command – Vision For 2020 (visbook.pdf – 1,027,301 bytes)

If this is the prevailing mentality of any advisors who get anywhere NEAR to the White House, and have access to the ears of our President,…it makes the Nazis, in comparison, look like misguided Boy Scouts. We, the People of the United States of America must take responsibility, and to prevail upon Congress to do all that we can to Stop Drone Warfare! According to Andrew Cockburn, drone warfare is BIG BUSINESS! Please read the following article:

BACKGROUND: How the US came to its fateful embrace of drone warfare

Whose “cold, dead hand” were we supposed to remove their gun from? I’m ready! Maybe at least half of us citizens…peace persons of the US…are ready for a showdown at OK Corral!

Imagine, if Congress even had the temerity to create a Law to Ban Automatic Weapons from…get this: ownership, sale, purchase!…eeeek! what next? How about: manufacture, import, export? Where could such courage, such audacity lead? What vengeance would such foolhardiness wreak?

Who would the Peace People trust to enforce this law?” And with what weapons? How many lives would need to be sacrificed in order to accomplish such a cataclysmic change in the long-standing traditional dilemma? That of the Wild West mentality VS. Civilized Society?

This is simply a no-brainer “ethical” argument between the Right to Kill and The Right to Live!!!!!

This essay by Jeffrey Sachs puts it well. Your comments are invited.

Jeffrey Sachs: Retreating From Violence in 2013