Hello and thank you for checking out this Podcast. I’d like to tell you about a new book that speaks to the dilemma in which we voters find ourselves at the moment. We need to bring about a real Ballot Box Revolution that will tilt this Democracy toward its working class citizens. If this really is a nation of,… for, and by its People, why have we allowed the so-called Free Market system to become more powerful than ourselves? How can it be allowed to dominate us? What are we, chopped liver?

How is it that the system that is “too large to fail,” got that large? And without proper oversight? How is it that this faulty system must be saved by the hard-earned tax money of its victims? We, who are small, are allowed to fail, to loose our homes, our jobs, and who gives a damn? The People should be served by the market, not the other way around. We are not here to serve the market! It should be working in our behalf!

This Nation was conceived in Liberty, and this ideal of personal freedom was not designed for the freedom of its market system that would become so powerful as to allow its People to be ground-up in its machinery. This is another case of the tail wagging the dog!

Lefties Are In Their Right Minds

The book that I’m introducing is called Lefties Are In Their Right Minds. I’m going to say that again: Lefties Are In Their Right Minds! Do you like that title? No? You are shocked by that assertion? You recently heard our Democratic Candidate accused of being a Socialist, and denying it vehemently. Those gathered around him also were expressing their own disdain of such a possibility. But, ladies and Gentlemen, guess what we’ve got? Not only do we have Socialized Militarism, but now we have Socialized Capitalism! The exploitive Capitalist Free Market can’t stand on its own but has to be propped up by the Government and the tax-payer’s money! What a surprising development this is! Maybe if there had been a little Socialized Government regulation in behalf of the people, we wouldn’t have been left to be doubly victimized by the so-called Free Market.

Lefties Are In Their Right Minds (book cover).I want to tell you who I am and why I’ve written Lefties Are In Their Right Minds. The story starts more than a hundred years ago, way back in 1902. A young man born of Wall Street wealth grew up learning of the flaws of this Democracy right at the Family dining table. He heard of plant closings that put people out of work; he heard of the thwarting of labor unions. Being an ethical person, he began to champion the underdog, the victims. He believed in worker’s Rights and even went to jail for supporting strikers. That young man was Corliss Lamont, you may have heard of him? I was honored to have been his wife. I’m sad to be his widow. He would be making some fiery speeches in support of a Democracy that would not betray its own people.

When he learned of the Bolshevik Revolution he identified with the workers, the soldiers, the sailors, the farmers who were throwing off the Czar, like we, in the U.S. threw off the King and declared our own independence. He proceeded to study and write and visit the new Socialist Democracy and he believed that we in the U.S. might be inspired and that the same ideas could take root in this country as well, and the people would benefit thereby. He wrote and published in 1939 the book entitled You Might Like Socialism: A Way of Life for Modern Man. I quip the following: Sorry, Corliss. They didn’t like it then and they don’t like it now, but who the hell are the theys? It turns out to be the Fat Cats who profit by uncontrolled Capitalism. And, hold your hats for this comment: you might not believe it, but I’ll say it anyway! It’s the American People themselves who don’t even understand that they are getting screwed! We have been totally brainwashed!

We have been conditioned to fear and be repulsed by the dreaded S-word, or worse, the C-word, and even the L-word is a no-no. We have been brainwashed for over a century. And do you know where it all started? No? Well, it started on Wall Street. Capitalism was scared spitless with the idea that workers would have a right to demand a share of the profits and to have a voice in the management of their own industries or factories. The church was terrified of those godless Atheists who were throwing off the blood-sucking Russian church, and refusing to be docile and obedient anymore! So here you have a collusion of church and state to stop the spread of dangerous ideas…which could possibly spread like wildfire.

President Woodrow Wilson was persuaded to invade the new Soviet Union. So, there we were in 1918 sending troops to Vladavastok and Archangel in Siberia to protect the White Russians from these Bolsheviks. The rationale was, and I quote: “To strangle the dangerous infant of Socialism in its cradle.” I’ll just bet that you’ve never heard of that before! The ideal of Socialism started out just that way…as an ideal…the same way that our ideal of Democracy started out as an ideal. But we all know what happens when power runs rampant and tramples those ideals. We end up with a totalitarian system that thwarts the will of the people and simply perpetuates its own power. So, this is what the book is all about: urging the people to regain their power.

If you unite in your purpose you can create a true Revolution at the Ballot Box. Throw out the perpetual warmongers, put some Democrats in office who will actually respond to your needs and your wishes. We can have good schools, real health care, secure jobs that don’t migrate overseas; we will rebuild our infrastructure; we will create new industries for non-toxic renewable energy. We will create a peaceful relationship with other nations and provide ethical leadership. Afghanis and Iraqis will actually applaud us when we leave.

I say that Socialists are called Lefties because on the left is where the heart is located.

We need heartfelt compassion and concern for all of Humankind. This is the only way that Americans can be safe and become the truly great nation that we like to believe we already are. We can work together and make changes. Please visit the Web site and read the whole book if you like. Later there’ll be paperback copies sponsored by Half-Moon Foundation. The Web page is located at https://www.corliss-lamont.org/lefties/.

P.S. You might notice that this is my first blog post for many months. I’ve been blogging for the book. And here it is!

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