November 2012

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on your glorious triumph against the moneyed vested-interest propaganda machine, in behalf of the workers, the multifaceted and multi-hued American populace! We the People have spoken! We need for you to accomplish the work that you started! We newly hopeful Voters appreciate the staggeringly difficult decisions that you have been required to make in your first Administration, that now, you will be facing anew. Please, consider this plea!

Many decisions that have come before you, to approve or to disapprove, have been painful for us to watch, especially for those of us who tried to continue believing in the change that you inspired in us. You’ve had to listen to the Generals! You’ve listened to the Wall Streeters! ………And, now?

Our vote of confidence in you, that your success signifies, is a mandate for you to proceed on your stated agenda. Please do not allow “the Military Industrial Complex,” as decried by Dwight Eisenhower, to flex its muscle in the face of your resolve! Those who wish to make a profit on human misery, death and destruction, all the while pretending that fierce and aggressive “Patriotism” will protect us, are using the very same tactics and illogic that the Republicans’ campaigned on: lies! Pure and simple!

We do not want targeted assassinations in the name of the American People! Those who have persuaded you that this unethical tactic is beneficial are totally misguided, generated by warped militaristic mindsets. The opposite is true; anger, mistrust, and revenge are spawned thereby! The same is true of the Guantanamo that you promised to close. We do not want torture in our name. Resolution in courts-of-law is necessary. Are we not the nation of “laws” that we brag about?

You are known for being conciliatory in your approach to problem-solving. This is an admirable attribute for most purposes, that of bargaining various issues for a compromised outcome, but! Some issues must never be compromised or bargained away! Human beings who die at our hands are not half dead! They are dead! Willful targeting and killing of “alleged enemies,” and others who have the misfortune to be nearby, is in no way accidental “collateral damage!” It is willful killing….plain and simple!

Many of us who have re-invested our faith in your integrity and your promises to work in the best interests of the American People, are expecting a very bold declaration of change! Please, have courage, against all opposition, to carry though with your promises to us!

There is a very sad joke that: If peace were profitable…We would have peace! Perhaps someday we will humanize our in-humane economic system! Is the idea of Capitalism with a Conscience an oxymoron? We gird for war; we practice for war,…so, we will have war! We have numerous War Colleges, and military institutions. We have a “Defense Department” wherein the word “defense” seems merely a euphemism, a fig-leaf, for concentrated militaristic mindset.

Most of us would like to believe that we Human Beings are actually evolving into a more ethical species. Perhaps using more wisdom than muscle might be in this ascendancy if we are to survive at all. Never before in the history of this powerful and creative country has there ever been the wisdom to put into place an entity devoted to a whole new concept: would you believe…a Peace Department?

For you, Mr. President, to create, by Presidential Decree, the establishment of a brand new Cabinet Level Department of Peace, and to put into place as its Head, our primary Peace Person in Congress, Representative Dennis Kucinich, will be the most bold signal of change in the right direction that all of the Peace loving People of this Nation and of the World will applaud.

Please consider this plea! Thank you from the aching and grieving hearts of those of us who might willingly choose to die, defending our cause, but will not kill! This is in no way meant to dishonor our Veterans, who themselves, have become victims! We are Proud Americans who champion a democracy that can’t be bought! And who used to believe, and would like to believe again, that we’re the good guys!

Video courtesy of Joe Friendly. Thanks, Joe!