Lefties Have Been Right, All Along!

BERNIE, hang in there, and keep all the young and devoted advocates of Social Justice and the ideals of a real Democracy, all continuing to believe that we have the power to make change. We know you haven’t given up, but the screaming need to get rid of trump has compelled you to withdraw.

The middle-of-the-road Democrats actually believe that dumping those “too far Left Socialist ideas” is the way to go! No! No! No! Millions of us are being betrayed…there is no middle ground. We must promote the truth more than ever: WE WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!

We who stand for the Rights of the Workers…even screamingly more important than ever…and equal access to the precious privilege of voting in fair elections that do not thwart the voices of the People. And the mercenary interests of the unethical capitalist economic system have shown themselves to be destructive to the best interest of the caring, sharing, concerned, loving human beings of planet Earth. The Corona Pandemic has proved that People are precious, not profits.

We desperately need your continued Leadership. Democrats will benefit if OUR PRINCIPLES are embedded into the revised Democratic PLATFORM! Let’s DO IT!

Please download Lefties Are Right by Beth K. Lamont (PDF, 10 MB):
Beth_K_Lamont_-_Lefties_Are_Right.pdf  Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF logo).