Celebrating February 12th

Beth K. Lamont  2015

Two of my heroes were born on this day,
Creating milestones in history, each in their way.
Earthshaking Giants born 18-09.
From humble beginnings, new thoughts would align.

ABE hoping that issues of slavery were solved;
CHARLIE explaining how Humans evolved!
Each scathingly criticized, reviled and offended
By haters of truth…still today hasn’t ended!

Are we ONE People and ONE Human Race?
How did we get here? Zapped into place?
By god or by allah, each favoring “a few.”
And these tribes are still warring! Is anything new?

Planet Earth is in trouble! Millions scream it out loud!
We could all be aborted in a mushroom shaped cloud!
Tribunals can’t deal with these problems for solving.
One hopes that we Humans might still be Evolving!

A four million year childhood? Let’s put this behind us!
Adult caring and sharing and love should remind us
That we’re not wicked, not evil, not that kind of creatures!
We’re hard-wired for goodness. that’s one of our features!

The view of our Planet Earth captured from Space
Proves that we Earthlings are ONE Human Race!
It showed no nation’s dominions; no ethnic enclaves…
Some People the Masters; some People the Slaves!

Now, there’s accessible info and sharing of tech!
No more back-of-the-bus! Now, all-hands-on-deck!
We precious Humans are equal; there are no sub-sets!
No more killing and warfare! Make no more regrets!

Power to the People! We’ll level the field!
No more profits to warmongers! They’ll have to yield!
Let’s salute CHARLIE and ABE! A toast to them would be nice!
Observe us multi-hued Humans on your hand-held device!

Charles Darwin.

Celebrating February 12th by Beth Lamont

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