On Election Eve: Here’s what I’ve written to the man whom I believe will be our new President. I’ve asked for him and those who work with him to take the world-wide Peace Movement very seriously, and to consider that the US is one nation in the family of nations. Considering, as well, that if we are ever to provide respected world leadership, we must make respectful, ethical decisions, after realistically evaluating the consequences of these decisions.

Dear John Kerry, Theresa Heinz Kerry, Supporting Friends and Folks who advise the Kerry Campaign,

We appreciate all your hard work and your difficult task of appealing to the varied spectrum of the American voting public, but we beg of you to not abandon the Peaceniks who were first inspired by you many years ago.

We were saddened at your tacit endorsement of Bush’s war. When you say so boldly, “I will Kill terrorists,” knowing that this is meant to convey Macho strength to those who fear the super-hyped threats, you are buying into Bush’s unethical stance. You are merely countering his own flawed leadership, instead of rising above the situation, by taking the moral highground. You can be offering more ethical leadership.

Besides, the distinction between terrorists and those who are defending their homeland is no longer distinct. You can show more wisdom and better long-range leadership. Cerebral not muscular!

Those of us who work with the international community at the United Nations wish that you would flat-out renounce Bush’s lies and boldly disassociate yourself from his flawed decisions. We are counting on you to make better decisions, change the disastrous position of US Foreign Policy, and help to regain the US’s lost respect on the world stage.