Whose “cold, dead hand” were we supposed to remove their gun from? I’m ready! Maybe at least half of us citizens…peace persons of the US…are ready for a showdown at OK Corral!

Imagine, if Congress even had the temerity to create a Law to Ban Automatic Weapons from…get this: ownership, sale, purchase!…eeeek! what next? How about: manufacture, import, export? Where could such courage, such audacity lead? What vengeance would such foolhardiness wreak?

Who would the Peace People trust to enforce this law?” And with what weapons? How many lives would need to be sacrificed in order to accomplish such a cataclysmic change in the long-standing traditional dilemma? That of the Wild West mentality VS. Civilized Society?

This is simply a no-brainer “ethical” argument between the Right to Kill and The Right to Live!!!!!

This essay by Jeffrey Sachs puts it well. Your comments are invited.

Jeffrey Sachs: Retreating From Violence in 2013