Faithful supporters of the Peace-People’s favorite candidate, Dennis Kucinich, went to Boston to try to be helpful in influencing the platform that we hoped was being hammered out by the delegates who had gathered there from across the nation. Little did we know that all the deciding had already been done!

We handed out leaflets, we participated in all of the demonstrations, we stood in line outside the entry to the convention hall with our posters, chanting slogans and trying to greet, and shake hands with the delegates as they entered the hall. We were promoting: immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq and ending the war; getting out of NAFTA; health care for all Americans; establishing a Cabinet Level Department of Peace; equal rights for all persons; and support for the UN and the International Criminal Court. Was that too much to ask?

Well, obviously, it was! We spent the evenings watching TV programming of the day’s proceedings, and groaning in disbelief at the total disregard for any of the planks that we Peace-People were advocating for the Democratic platform. Although many of the delegates nodded affirmatively and appeared to agree with our appeals, some on the streets scowled at us with disdain, even contempt. One said: What are you guys? A bunch of Commies? We were too lefty. We were too socialistic. We were too liberal. We heard criticism of our “Un-American” attitude. We were not properly supporting our troops that were fighting for us, and fighting to preserve our freedom…even our freedom to criticize the government, one person scoldingly reminded me.


And that was it; with sadness we trekked homeward to close ranks behind the Democrats, even though our hearts were heavy with our failure have our voices heard, and truths that we told went unheeded.

The lightest moment of the whole Boston saga, for me, was the sighting of a T-shirt that had me howling with gales of laughter, and that seemed to sum up our collective experience succinctly!

This was a drawing of two cows, standing up, facing each other, you know the way Gary Larson does his hilarious cartoons. I do not know if was originated by him, but it definitely was his style. And I’m improvising on the dialogue, because by now, I’ve told the story so many times and embellished it so, with my own emphasis and exaggeration, that I can’t actually remember just exactly what the T-shirt really did say, but this is the gist of it:

First cow says, “I just learned how they make hamburger!”

Second cow says, “Oh, mygod! You sound like a liberal, leftist, commie-pinko, conspiracy-theorist! Get a grip, Mabel!”

To me, this was the delicious ironic brilliant analysis of our whole truth-telling trip to Boston. It really was…a moooooving experience! So, moove over, Mabel. You’re not the only one; I, too, gotta learn to “get a grip!”

In their postmortem, the Democrats, still staggering from the sucker-punch are trying to figure out what hit them. We could have told them way back in Boston, that it was their betrayal of the principles of ethical, clear-thinking, peace-loving, traditional, down-to-earth Democrats that screwed things up. This, in addition to outright sabotage at the polls, of course. But they still haven’t got a clue! The present leaders of the Democratic Party still think Republican-lite is the way to go. I guess, that in order to be a Democrat these days, if I even wanted to anymore, according to their mind-boggling analysis, I’ll have to get religion, and learn to love the war, and give up the old politically incorrect L-word. I guess the new L-word must be Lite, as in Republican-Lite.

What a shame that the Democratic leadership didn’t heed some of the truth-tellers like Dennis Kucinich. Just imagine! Getting ground-up in all that political machinery! Tsk! What a waste!