It’s worse than we thought! These are not isolated incidents, or impulsive responses by frightened soldiers. We are witnessing WAR CRIMES! By anybody’s impartial evaluation, what we are seeing and hearing, in the videos referenced here, are wanton shocking murders of unarmed civilians. The victims definitely are not in combat mode, or posing any threat to the US military. The killings depicted here are calculated, even approved by superior officers, and appear to be part of the ruthless, unethical violations of international law that are being perpetrated by the US military in Iraq.

Web sites that show and describe these atrocities are: and


I used to believe that too, but I don’t anymore. Some of the American voices in the video clips are almost gleeful, as though they were playing an exciting video game. There is no excuse for this inhumane mindset. It seems that our service personnel have been brainwashed with the idea that all Iraqis are potential enemies, and that “we must kill them before they kill us.” Did somebody forget to tell them that we went over there to hmmm, let’s see, was it excuse number 2 or 3? I forgot which. Was it to save the Iraqi people and to liberate them from an evil dictator? Should our military be reminded that one of our reasons for going to Iraq was to introduce the Iraqis to freedom and democracy? Pardon my observation, but, what a crock! What a hoax!


And now it appears that the very individual who decided that the United States of America is above international law in general, and has no need in particular, to comply with the “quaint” and “obsolete” Geneva Convention laws that regulate the treatment of prisoners of war, is scheduled to be the new Attorney General of the US! I just cannot understand what is happening to this country! What an irony it is in this land of the Free and the home of the Brave, where we regularly celebrate our Rights to freedom of the press and information, etc. that we usually can’t find the truth in our own media.


Searching out international news can keep us better informed on what our own country is doing on the world scene. Accurate information can even more likely be found on the Internet. How is it that the public can stay so deceived? Many Americans still believe that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11, and will even deride those who try to point out the erroneous connection. Much of the US media: print, radio and TV are churning out pure drivel, but even worse than the absence of truthful information, or of a researched, and even-handed presentation, they foist upon the public, malicious lies that constitute a designed deception and can certainly be used to denigrate an individual who has fallen into the disfavor of King George. Witness the plight of Kofi Annan.


Also, the Financial Times of London has a lengthy, in depth and respectful interview with Kofi Annan, in which a very tactful Kofi Annan refrains from responding in-kind to his accusers. He is confident that the UN itself has not engaged in any misappropriation of the program’s funds, and he assures that he has not benefited financially from the handling of the funds. He says the investigation will reveal what went wrong, and the extent to which his son, who is also accused, might be involved.

From most every other media outlet there is a hostile blitz of accusations against the UN and its handling of the program designed to help feed the Iraqi people during the UN imposed sanctions. Some, like the National Review, go so far as to demand the resignation of Kofi Annan, and hold him personally responsible for the mishandling of billions that seem to have gone into unauthorized pockets. Time and patient investigation will eventually unravel the plot and disclose the wrongdoers, but meanwhile Kofi is calmly discussing the need for continuing reform of the UN’s structure.


Actually, if the US has its way, it would be a perfect fit! Here’s how it would work. First, the US identifies the errant nation, state, tribe, nuclear installation, political party, “other” religious organization, movement, suspicious village, etc. Then it coerces the UN into approving a preemptive strike against that body to prevent it from harming the rest of the world. The UN can authorize the US to wage a war of aggression on any offender. The US treats the offender with Shock and Awe to teach it a lesson, and Viola! The UN has taken Responsibility to Protect us all from the wrongdoer! What a perfect solution!

And never mind that there’s a recommendation to expand the UN Security Council. Advocates want to break-up the monopoly that this body has exercised for all of its years. But this will pose no threat to the US in its bid for world dominance, because any nations that are added to the Council will not share the present member’s veto power. Their presence and their votes in the Security Council won’t make a whit of difference. With greater control, the US won’t have to bad mouth the UN anymore or try to dismantle it. It will be completely subsumed under the auspices of the United States. Well, after all, the UN’s right here in New York. How appropriate! Forgive my sarcasm; anger seems to be egging me on.

What an embarrassment for this administration: the head of the organization representing the nations of the world, challenging US policies and daring to warn against attacking Fallujah. The Bush bunch was probably scrambling a bit trying to figure out how to deal with this world leader with the courage to criticize the US, and right here in the belly of the beast. Let’s charge him with corruption! That will work! We’ll watch this suspenseful development with great anxiety. Pitting courage and truth against arrogance and power. Who can guess how it will turn out!

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