I clicked here to send to GeorgeBush@Whitehouse.gov.

I’m not even sure what I wrote to him, my eyes were so bleary with tears, my heart so heavy with grief. After witnessing these searing frames of a slide-show descent-into-hell, entitled Fallujah in Pictures, my adrenaline was pumping so wildly that I was screaming inside. Some of the sweet faces of our Marines looked so familiar, like they’d gone to school with my kids. Some of the sweet faces of ‘the enemy’ twisted, distorted, bloodied, some with neatly trimmed beards and mustaches, looked familiar as well. An incongruous, outstretched, dead arm, pictured from different angles, seemed to be reaching out to cling to life. Bodies inside a Mosque seemed especially shocking; is nothing sacred? That twice-pictured Bougainvillea bush might have been shading a youngster stretched out to rest, except that he had his guts blown out and was lying in pools of his own blood. What is it all about? In none of the pictures was there a single weapon! What ever did this government think it was going to accomplish with this savaging of so-called ‘insurgents’. The infant with his right leg missing made me gasp. Another photo showed a child with bloodied face and missing eye, held in his mother’s arms. I had by then, scrolled down to the bottom of this tragic heart-breaking blog and came upon the little box that invited viewers to send the site to their friends. Yes! Yes! Yes! He should witness these pictures! I poured my grief and anger out in the tiny space allotted for a message and wondered if his aides ever actually deliver to him the truth intended for his eyes. Something made me hesitate for a moment to do a copy-and-paste into Notepad. Then I clicked on the SEND button. Later, I went back to check. Here’s what I had written to him when I forwarded the blog site to GeorgeBush@Whitehouse.gov:

To George Bush, Your decisions that have brought about this needless slaughter pictured here will haunt you and our country forever. You stand shamed before the grieving family of humankind. Search your heart. Do you feel no remorse? What can you do now to halt this horrible mistake? What can you do now to make amends to the survivors? Think about this. The responsibility is yours. This message is from a US Patriot who had always preached love and forgiveness, but who is now livid with rage at this inexcusable vengeful evil that you have caused our beautiful country to unleash upon the world.
Beth K. Lamont, Humanist Chaplain, NGO Representative for the American Humanist Association at the United Nations.