Hello Mayor Bloomberg,

You are in a position to change the course of history! You have the opportunity to become a Hero in the eyes of the world. You know that as the Mayor of the greatest City in the United States you already have the eyes of the world upon you. We need your courageous leadership! Please consider this appeal?

Congress has just curtailed the Civil Liberties of the American People. The Military Commissions Act of 2006 will be know as the Permission to Torture Bill; it removes the centuries-old right of Habeas Corpus protection for those wrongfully imprisoned; it threatens to make “Enemy Combatants” or accomplices of every American dissenter to the policies of this administration. This Bill was just approved on September 29th by Congress. Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut was one of twelve Democratic Senators who approved the Bill.

People of our city, who are lovers of peace, plan to take to the busy streets on Thursday, October 5th! Our voices must be heard! We need for you to protect our rights to dissent! We are patriotic Americans who favor diplomacy over destruction. We favor an ethical response instead of one of revenge. We renounce Bush’s plan to bomb Iran as totally insane. This insanity must be stopped! Bombing civilian populations is a war crime! You know it! The world knows it! The eyes of the world are upon us, worrying that this will be allowed by the American People. They can’t see our bumper stickers!

New York City is still the symbolic target of those who hate the United States. We are now in more danger of terrorist attack because our inappropriate military response to 9/11 has generated more hatred rather than less. Worse still, is the revenge that will be wreaked upon New York City if the plan for bombing Iran proceeds.

There are two important points that we wish for you to consider:

  1. The terrorists will have accomplished their mission of “destroying” our country if the voices of the People are stifled. We Americans are proud of our heritage of freedom, and of our Bill of Rights that allows us “peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Do not allow those who hate us to have the satisfaction of having destroyed our Civil Liberties.

  2. There will be a “Nuremberg Trial” for the Leadership, the military and the People of the United States at some time in the future. We cannot pretend that “we didn’t know” or that we were “just following orders.” The Bush Regime is hell bent on starting World War Three by planning to punish Iran for not obeying its dictates. There are nuclear bombs. Someone will use them. New York City is still the prime target! Don’t let partisan politics and loyalty to the Republicans allow you to be silent. We need your help. The brave New York City Police are American citizens as well as our protectors. We need their help on this important day of October 5th. We deserve the right to march on Broadway and disrupt the traffic. Business-as-usual-just doesn’t get it! Celebrities, dignitaries, and corporations are given special treatment. They are not more important than the People!

Our request to use the busy streets was denied; we cannot fathom the rationale that went into such a strange denial. You have no right to hold the People hostage this way. We have a right to speak out. We are peace loving People. The assertion that “Homeland Security” is a consideration is total nonsense. If anti-peace, supporters of the war were to heckle us or even attack us, we would hope that the Police would protect our protest march. Peace Marchers have never been violent! We have occupied the full expanse of Broadway with a sea of Citizens without incident in previous years.

We invite the Police Department, rather than barricading us, penning us up, and preventing us from gathering together to have our voices heard, to walk with us to protect us in the street. This is contrary to current accepted practices called “crowd control.”

Mistakes can be made in high places, New York, Washington, it doesn’t matter where, but to perpetuate these mistakes is not very wise. We need wisdom. It is insane for mistakes to become entrenched, even ossified, in public policy, without ever examining the unintended consequences.

The Peace People of the World are angry at the Bush policy of using the military might instead of wisdom; the Peace People of New York are angry at the prevalent Bloomberg policy of allowing military might and corporate interests to take precedence over the long range wisdom of helping the People “peaceably to assemble.” We patriotic Americans will gather in the streets on Thursday, October 5th. Our voices must be heard! Help us! We are counting on you!
Thanking you in advance,

Beth K. Lamont, Humanist Celebrant, Non Governmental Organization
Representative for the American Humanist Association to the United Nations,
Member Council of Ethics Based Organizations at the UN
777 UN Plaza, Lobby Level, New York, NY 10017

Also in behalf of: The World Can’t Wait!, Not In Our Name, International Action Center, Students Against the War, Grannies Against the War, Veterans Against the War, (these last three are categories, not titles) and many other concerned organizations and citizens.