Beware the ISM Schizim!

Three little letters of the alphabet, harmless in appearance, are still creating havoc in this bewildered “would be” Democracy!

How on Earth can it be, that these three little letters cause such harm? Does this sound impossible? But, here’s the case in point:

CAPITAL, FOR INSTANCE: Without expenditure or investment of Capital, there can be NO creation of alternative energies for the purpose of countering the impending climate change danger!

Investment in science and technology, is essential, and in food production and businesses, all work… that creates paychecks!

CAPITAL IS IMPORTANT! ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY FOR LIVING! We’re in complete agreement at this point as to definition. OK?

Another truth, regards a beautiful, Human-connectedness word:

SOCIAL! This concept is also essential, and necessary for living!

Let’s start with the meaning of Social. We ARE social beings…our Family, our Friends, our co-workers, our community! And what about all the pluses? SOCIAL SECURITY! Yea! Also, hooray for Franklin D! Our human connectedness, and now, Social Media.

We have new tools in our hands that now give us People Power!

Are we all still on the same page? We’re agreeing Social is good! Capital is good! There you have it! Two important concepts! Two GOOD words! We’re in complete agreement at this point. OK?

Now, add those three scary little letters, creating havoc: “ISM”.

And, now what do we get? Omygod! No! Never! Not Socialism!!!

Some Folks get the knee-jerk reaction: “No, not the Evil Empire!”

And a tumult of Red Scare accusations, and a century of fear and propaganda against the ideals of Karl Marx comes pouring out! The hope of the Russians for Workers of the World to Unite, and to thereby benefit Human conditions, has been thwarted, and now we face even greater danger: a Mushroom-shaped Cloud.

The same switcharooney occurs when you add those same three scary little letters “ISM” to the good word Capital, and now, how shocking, but inevitable, you get a whole different thing! It’s no longer just investment for development, but this word describes the Economic System that’s called Capitalism, a virtual CASINO, the whole point of which is to MAKE PROFIT! This is a market in which there are absolutely no ethical or moral considerations.

A sad fact, that president Eisenhower warned us about, is that WAR is profitable, and unfortunately, for some investors, the making of profit is more important than the well-being of the People and the Planet. This system empowers the wealthy, who might operate without conscience, and dominate politically.

An Essay entitled Code of Ethics for a Corporation follows.

But, the point made here is that these three little letters of the alphabet, and their hapless application to some perfectly good words, turn TRUTH and HUMAN SURVIVAL around completely!

These are my words of caution! Beware the “ISM” SCHIZIM!

Beth K. Lamont, Humanist Celebrant, and author of Lefties Are In Their Right Minds