School of Assassins
Crossing the Line

Robert Richter Productions

These shocking films, narrated by Susan Sarandon, were produced by award winning filmmaker Robert Richter. School of Assassins was an Academy Award nominee for best documentary short and won a number of festival awards. Robert Richter has graciously permitted us to show clips from them on the Human Values Network Web site. Because of their relevance to the very heart of our concerns, we are most anxious to promote the contents of these productions. We applaud the courage and perseverance of those involved in the protests shown here. We applaud the vision, the artistry and the creative energies so vivid in the presentation of these human dramas.
**  School Of Assassins
GIF still from 'School of Assassins'.Shown here is explosive information about the teaching of torture techniques, which is paid for by U.S. taxpayer dollars. This training is taking place at the United States Army School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia. Soldiers, mostly from Latin America, are taught "counter-insurgency," or how to control "insurgents" in their homeland. Often this amounts to the murdering of targeted persons, such as human rights activists, or health care workers, or labor organizers, or sometimes just hungry protesters seeking change. This military response has even lead to the annihilation of whole villages. Not only is this training promoting a military mentality, instead of improving living conditions in these countries and helping to solve human problems, it is promoting wasteful and expensive military hardware, thereby creating more debt for these countries. Momentum to shut down this hideous affront to democracy and to human decency is growing with ever-wider public awareness.

Here is a 4 minute 23 second streaming video clip from School of Assassins.


Narrated by: Susan Sarandon
Producer: Robert Richter
Associate Producer: Madeleine Solano
Editor: Bruce Follmer
Camera: Rick Miranda
John Fitzpatrick
Charles Dixson
Music: Bill Montvilo
Executive Producer: Lawrence Rich
Copyright: © 1994 Richter Productions
**  Crossing the Line
JPEG still from 'Crossing the Line'.Thousands of outraged patriotic Americans have committed civil disobedience by crossing the Fort Benning property line for the purpose of focusing a spotlight on its evil intent. Many have served prison sentences for their acts of courage and conscience. However, these efforts to call attention to the School of the Americas have gone largely unpublicized because of under-reporting by the mainstream media. Television networks seem to find sex scandals of more sustained interest, so alas, the general public remains largely unaware. A quick survey on a street corner will prove that few U.S. citizens know the extent of their government's involvement in the internal affairs of neighboring nations.

We urge you to join in the efforts to shut down the United States Army School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia. The world doesn't need a School of Assassins.

Here is a 5 minute 59 second streaming video clip from Crossing the Line.


Narrator: Susan Sarandon
Robert Richter
Avram Ludwig
Haskell Wexler
Doug Liman
Rich Miranda
Bill Turnley
George King
Editor: Ruth Schell
Associate Producer/
Assistant Editor:
Rebecca Anguin-Cohen
Narration Recording: Cliff Hahn Studio
Avid Editing: Diva Edit
Kunstadter Family Foundation
Lear Family Foundation
Copyright: © 1999 Richter Productions, Inc.
For more information:
SOA Watch, P.O. Box 4566,
Washington, DC 20017

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