Hello Dear Jane and Bernie, I’m including Jane in this greeting because I DO believe that Your powerful Partner is a precious part of the Team!

I applaud every one of your TV presentations and your point-of-view in ALL matters. Please, speak to the people by TV at every opportunity. Please, your power with the people is so very important! PLEASE CREATE opportunities! YES! Wearing a mask shows leadership, but not when you’re only facing a microphone, please? We need to SEE your Face!

I’m so worried about the extremes to which trump, himself, might resort in his erratic and insane behavior. How I wish that Congress could intervene and rescind his Executive Powers. I fear his finger on the Nuclear Button. Studying the rise of fascism in Hitler’s Germany is instructive, and with all the hateful trump rowdies that are destined to “Be in the Streets”, continuing to protest the alleged fraudulent voting, I fear BLOODSHED! We Dems and Lefties might have an advantage that the Good Germans did not. This is a scheduled democratic process when on January 20th the Inauguration of a New Administration will occur. If the protestors haven’t caused an effective “capitulation” by then, they may give up!

Because your Voice is rational and listened to, it would be an ethical consideration to caution our Democratic Patriotic Americans, who truly believe in Democracy, to aloofly IGNORE the promised impending craziness! We must absolutely RISE ABOVE this insanity, and adamantly refuse to even acknowledge the trumpites. I mean literally, do not STOOP to acknowledge their ILLOGICAL AND ILLEGAL protests. They are WRONG! If all of the good and ethical Americans STAY OUT OF THE STREETS, when chaos is threatened, and absolutely REFUSE to have any confrontations with these crazies, this will be the necessary and needed REBUTTAL to their lies and demands. They will be INSULTED to be IGNORED!

We all know enough about basic psychology to recognize this fact! If there are NO defending Democrats in the streets, for the trump supporters to denounce and berate, even for them to brutalize, to attack and assault, how can they properly “RIOT?” They might just have to resort to property destruction? It will be good to have their shameful behavior on TV, but I’d even fear for a Journalist’s safety. This will be an interesting moment in history, when the local police are confronted with demonstrators who are not harming others, but merely being destructful in their attempt to get attention. What a switcheroni! Who will call out the National Guard? The Military? Wow! This should be interesting.

Please Dear Bernie, will you consider this ETHICAL approach to squelch the ugly repuglicans who plan to overturn the Electoral College vote? And who MUST NOT succeed in destroying our still to be improved Democracy! We have COVID legitimate reasons to stay at home, BUT this is even a better reason. Who will they fight if WE don’t show up?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Beth K. Lamont, Humanist Chaplain, and widow of your old friend Philosopher/Activist Corliss Lamont.

Please read my updated version of Corliss Lamont’s 1939 explanatory Book: You Might Like Socialism. I think you’ll like my new title: Lefties Are In Their Right Minds

Thank you for reading this!

Beth K. Lamont, Humanist Celebrant, @ImAHumanist