Lefties Are In Their Right Minds - Part One (book cover).HELLO AGAIN to those of you who are concerned with HUMAN VALUES! And here’s a timely election-related 212-page book that you can download and read, called: Lefties Are In Their Right Minds – Part Two, published as an e-book on October 23, 2012 by Half-Moon Foundation, Inc.

But first, here’s a Granny-Blog entry about a most unlikely thing for you to consider: three little letters of the Alphabet ! Just three little letters that make a world of difference, even a life and death difference in our existence. Please read-on to consider their significance…..

“Social” is a GOOD word! Right? We surely agree on this: it means the whole family or the whole community, or our associates, as in Society,…ALL of Society! Maybe even ALL of the people of our whole Country? Maybe of the whole World? OK! I’m pushing it! Next:

“Capital” is a GOOD word! Right? We agree that the investment of Capital…REAL MONEY is desperately needed to create jobs, create industry, large and small businesses, to build schools and hospitals, bridges, highways. new and needed renewable technologies like wind, solar and tidal power! It’s endless! The great and necessary elements of our best, even ideal Human existence depend upon the investment of Capital! Are we still in agreement? OK!

Now, what the hell happens when we add three little letters to these agreed-upon GOOD words?

You’ve probably already guessed what I’m getting at. Those three little letters…by themselves don’t amount to a hill of beans…they are themselves blameless…innocent of any derogatory connotations. Those letters are: I-S-M !

Yegods! Just by adding those three little letters to those two stand alone GOOD words…they have been magically transformed into SOME KIND OF HIDEOUS MONSTERS TO BE FEARED !

First, the word “Social” GOOD is suddenly contaminated with defamatory, propagandized ancient baggage that is no longer relevant! We hear references to Omigod! “Social”-I-S-M, spoken in fear!

Say whatever you like out of your storehouse of experience and information…or quite possibly MIS-information, but that word is STILL a stand-alone potential, originally conceived out of a need to protect and to champion the workers and the ordinary people from domination by ruthless powers! Ring any bells? Did you hear the words unemployment or job growth in the Presidential Debates?

That “Social”-I-S-M was experimental and was challenged, and in SOME instances turned toward totalitarianism, is truly unfortunate, BUT…..not necessarily a consequence of its intention or its ideal, which is still ethical, practical and PURE! Note: Women’s Rights were championed in 1917 in USSR!

Secondly, the word “Capital” GOOD is suddenly transformed…by the addition of the letters: I-S-M, into a whole different ballgame! By adding those three little letters, this GOOD “Capital” becomes a tool, not of benefit to the people, but of domination of the people…the workers, and even a destructive force on our precious Planet Earth.

Those letters I-S-M transform “Capital” into “Capital” I-S-M, an economic system that is designed for the express purpose of creating PROFIT to the investor! It is not designed to enhance “Social” GOOD, or to benefit the workers. In order to extract this profit from the investment of “Capital,” there must be cheap labor, cheap materials, cheap operation, all sacrificing well-being and safety.

And this domination and exploitation is purely to create PROFIT to be gained in Casino-type betting on the Stock Market, showing no loyalty, no consideration of consequences to human well-being.

Associating necessary government spending with Omygod! Socialism is a totally fabricated ploy. But it’s absolutely nuts to balance the budget by cutting out PEOPLE programs Except for unnecessary military spending, that is! Stop all wars! Negotiate! Spend this money on Humanitarian efforts, instead! Again: Did you hear the words unemployment or job growth in the Presidential Debates?

My mottoes are: “Create Capital With A Conscience!” And “Humanize The In-Humane Economic System!”

And of course, please read the new shorter version of Lefties Are In Their Right Minds, originally a 1939 introduction from Corliss Lamont. Also play my interview with Harold Channer on his show Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) cable television in which we debate these issues.

Thanks! from Beth K. Lamont.

PS: Don’t let anyone or anything prevent you from exercising your Right To Vote! Have courage!

Here’s Lefties Are In Their Right Minds – Part Two as a free download (right-click and “Save As…” to download):

Here is the Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer television show:

Guest Beth Lamont on March 22, 2012 (58:23)

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