Lefties Are In Their Right Minds (book cover).A new Introduction to my book, Lefties Are In Their Right Minds (ISBN 978-0-578-00782-3), originally published in May 2009 and available from Amazon, was written in July 2020 and is presented below.

Hello Dear Folks who are Passionately Immersed in The Long overdue Revolution!

We Lefties have been right all along! We know, of course, that Left is where the Heart is! We care for and protect each other! May each of us be safe and well!

Dear Jane and Bernie Sanders, Dear Elizabeth Warren, and all of the many precious and ethical persons of courage, who aspire to lead this Country in the correct, ideal direction, we know that the word SOCIAL is not a word to fear, but is the essence of our togetherness. You’ve inspired us all, to help make necessary changes that will enhance our still-developing democracy. In joining with the others, whom we hope will be of like mind, we will determine that our firm principles of respect and of sharing and caring are firmly welded into the Democratic Platform, and will not be tampered with! We are bringing with us not just hope, but wisdom and experience.

The looming threat of fascism, and the very elements of control, that we’ve been propagandized to fear, are upon us, but wrapped in Nazi-like patriotism!

Securing an ethical Voting system, whereby ALL voices can be heard, is the only way we can achieve People Power. And making those necessary changes, without having GAINED that power, is one of life’s perplexing ironies that we must still deal with. Passionate demonstrations in the streets…demanding justice and equality, needing protection from abuse, and reminding that Black Lives Matter, must be honored! These courageous Leaders tell it like it is! And YES! We can’t BREATHE, when we’re sprayed with teargas! How DARE federal forces come to stop the alleged rioting in a surprising show of national leadership after having completely abandoned us, and worsened the ravages of this devastating Corona Pandemic.

I was shocked to see a hot-spot map of what I thought to be virus depiction, but learned it represented US MILITARY BASES around the world! What-the-hell! We, the PEOPLE, did not request or approve this world domination! Little Pogo was absolutely right; he told the Swamp People I have seen the enemy, and it is US!

Here’s to Bernie and to all the believers in a TRUE DEMOCRACY, in which the Voices of all the people will be recognized, and we will make a lasting Peace! We have a Wall of Mothers and Fathers interlinking arms to protect us! Roll up your sleeves, Folks! We’ve got WORK TO DO. Rosie, the Riveter, her Sisters and Brothers, are all pitched-in, helping with the urgent life-saving task at hand! Sending LOVE!

Introduction to newest printing of Lefties Are In Their Right Minds: July 2020

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