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Charging Bull NYC by Artist Arturo Di ModicaThis Great Big Brass Bull Is A Symbol Of Wall Street's Capitalist Economic System! It Has Some Major Flaws! Investment Is Essential To Progress, However, Profits For The Few Just Don't Trickle Down To The Many! Also, Unethical Investments Are Counter-Productive To The Best Interests Of All Of Humankind! This Bull Is Running Wild! It Must Be Tamed And Taught To Be Obedient. Capitalist Greed has Totally Thwarted The Ideals And The Dreams of A Peoples Democracy. Capitalism Must Learn To Comply with a Moral Code of Ethics!

Fearless Girl sculpture by Kristen VisbalFearless Girl Symbolizes the Human Element. She Is Demanding An End To War And Exploitation. No More Will This Bull Be Allowed To Gore And To Trample Us! We Don't Need An Uncaring Capitalist Casino! Humans With Social Consciousness Are More Powerful, And Will Exercise Caring Control! Earth is In Trouble! Ice Caps Are Melting! Waters Are Rising! Fossil Fuels Must Be Phased Out. Humans Are Hungry And Homeless! Families Must Be Safe! Our Precious Lives Must Not Be Endangered! The Capitalist Economic System Will Yield To HUMAN VALUES! Earthlings Demand: "Protect The People And The Planet!"

Please see Code of Ethics for a Corporation and Sanitizing Socialism and Needing to Create a New Kind of Capitalism With a Conscience! for additional information.

Charging Bull NYC by Artist Arturo Di Modica image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 License.

Fearless Girl sculpture by Kristen Visbal image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License / Flipped horizontally from original.




Introduction to Human Values

    We Humans find ourselves in a particularly precarious situation as we enter the new millennium, in which values other than those which respect and nurture and protect the Human Beings of the planet Earth are being promoted and foisted upon us in ways that are devastating to our fragile life support system, and to Human safety, and to the Human spirit.

    We have all of the necessary elements for creating a peaceful, safe and nurturing environment for all of the Peoples of this Earth. We have intelligence, yet we lack wisdom. We have science and technology, yet much scientific endeavor is dedicated to destruction and weapons, rather than benefiting humankind. Medical marvels are inequitably distributed. We understand Human development and the needs for nutrition and healthful living conditions, yet children the world over are starving by the thousands.

    We know enough about psychology to recognize the roots of hatreds and fears, yet groups of us continue to find ourselves manipulated into the dangerous and outmoded "we/they" manner of thinking, rather than considering our whole Human family, and acknowledging that we are more alike than we are different. We understand and even sign declarations agreeing that there are universal Human Rights and inherent freedoms, yet somehow the manifestation of power and moneyed interests, and the age old reversion to militarism as a method of problem solving, continue to defy all logic and prevent us Humans from creating the peaceful world we dream of and long for.

    If the heads of corporations and governments, financial and military institutions, and other vested interests that have such a profound impact on Human well being, would take responsibility and consider the consequences of their decisions in terms of their own personal loved ones being affected by conscienceless actions taken, such as bombing, polluting, exploiting, and placing more value on profits than on people, then we would begin to see a moral awakening.

    We all have various values instilled in us by our upbringing and our life's experiences; we have many different belief systems; we have many different ethnic, racial and religious traditions; but the values which most of us share are those of safety and happiness for our loved ones and ourselves. If these personal values became the criteria by which we evaluate our Human well-being and became the primary focus of Human activity, putting aside short-term self-centered gains, as well as re-thinking old enmities and fears, there might be a happier future for all of Humankind.

    This Web site is designed to make possible the sharing of visual information on all issues which affect Humankind.

Human Values Weblog  

**  The Human Values Weblog (blog) offers visitors the opportunity to read and comment upon articles related to all aspects of Human Values, Ethics, and Human Rights. Your active participation is encouraged. Visit the blogRead the blog -- and add your own comments!

Here and Now Show  

**  The Here And Now show is shown weekly in New York City on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) Public Access cable television on Spectrum channels 34 and 1995, RCN channel 82, as well as on Verizon FiOS channel 33. The show can be watched live on the Internet by visiting the MNN Communitity Channel on Sundays at 3 PM.

United Nations Multimedia  

**  Did You Know?
That both live and on-demand archived streaming audio and video of United Nations events is available for free on the Internet? Including open sessions of the General Assembly, daily news briefings, UN Television and UN Radio broadcasts, and special events programming. Visit the News and Media Division of the United Nations Department of Public Information.

One Life: A Short Documentary  

**  A short student film about Beth K. Lamont shot in 2006 by Carol Y. Liu. A New York University Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Film Production.

Running Time: 6 minutes 11 seconds

2.5 Mbps or faster Internet connection recommended.

June 2021 note from Beth Lamont, widow of Corliss Lamont:
Thank you so very much Carol Liu for creating this video capture of a bygone moment in time! It is so appreciated! Also, Thanks to our faithful Webmaster for making it available here, for you to see.

Many of the sights and thoughts that were touched upon, really do need more explanation. One that screams out to me is my failure to introduce to Carol and her camera, the arrival of my precious Son, David Winkler, who came to pick us up from the Train Station. This omission grieves me greatly in that I received his loving help so casually. David always greeted me at the Station elevator with a great big loving Hug, and it was my turn to reciprocate his devotion. We grieve; Family Members and Friends all miss this wonderful man who is gone now.

A scene on the train, referring to the visible Palisades Peaks, I had mentioned the works of England's Poet Laureate, John Masefield, a revered and personal Friend of Corliss Lamont and his Family, I tried, and failed, to recite his Palisades Poem.

Another scene, that of the Abercrombie Castle, needs explanation, because I had at that time briefly owned it, and had such hopes for its productive future. Alas, property taxes interfered, but Son, Steve Graves and Family lived and worked there for a while, and Reverend Lucius Walker, of Pastors For Peace, received and welcomed dozens of Medical Students, headed for free training in Cuba!

At a Humanist Meeting, I see gathered there, old Friends, Allison and Joe Ben David, and others who were sharing their philosophies. I had my say, as well!

The last scene is in Corliss's own Library in his Ossining, NY home, where his charming portrait hangs above the fireplace. This beautiful historical (built in 1921) stone mansion, and its 20 remaining acres of ancient forest needs a buyer!

There really are some good things about technology; hopes that alternatives to fossil fuels will be perfected, but Beth abandoned you'all to answer the phone!

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