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• also includes complete coverage of AVCHD and XDCAM EX •

If you've come here looking for HDV, AVCHD, XDCAM EX, and other audio/video-related PDF files such as press releases, brochures, user manuals, service manuals, and standards documents the Documentation Index is where you want to go.
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On the other hand, if you've come here looking for the original Frank's thoughts on HDV Web page, please be advised that it's been taken offline due to lack of time in which to properly maintain it. However, a copy of the page as it appeared on January 25, 2008 can be found on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine Web site at the URL below. It's where you want to go if you need answers to questions such as What is HDV?, What's the HDV field order?, Who invented HDV?, What is x.v.Color (IEC 61966-2-4 xvYCC)?, What is the HDV GOP structure and how does it differ between 720p HDV and 1080i HDV?, etc. Along with HDV, the page also covers the AVCHD and XDCAM EX formats. Note that most of the links to PDF files on the Internet Archive's copy of the page no longer work — instead, use the Documentation Index link above.

Non-PDF files that were formerly linked to from the original Frank's thoughts on HDV Web page can now be found on the Miscellaneous Files page.

The original Reader Comment Board can be accessed here (opens in a new tab/window).
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HDV, AVCHD, XDCAM EX Comparison Chart.
Based upon statistical data provided by Google Insights for Search, the chart above depicts relative worldwide search interest in the terms HDV (blue), AVCHD (red), and XDCAM EX (orange) for the time period of January 1, 2004 (the earliest date for which data is available for analysis) thru April 30, 2010, inclusive, with the plotted data normalized to a value of 100.
The chart shows that interest in HDV peaked in the month of October 2005, interest in AVCHD "crossed-over" interest in HDV in the month of May 2008, and interest in the XDCAM EX format has remained relatively constant and ongoing over time.
The recurring December peaks in AVCHD interest may be the result of holiday shopper activity on the part of consumers.
AVCCAM versus NXCAM Comparison Chart.
The chart above compares the relative worldwide search interest in AVCCAM (blue) versus NXCAM (red), Panasonic's and Sony's professional-grade AVCHD variants, respectively, for the time period of September 1, 2008 (the month in which the AVCCAM format was first announced) thru April 30, 2010, inclusive, with the plotted data normalized to a value of 100.
Although brought to market much later than AVCCAM, the chart shows that interest in NXCAM started strong, peaked during the week of January 17-23, 2010, but continues to remain robust, exceeding AVCCAM by a significant margin. Interest in NXCAM did not, however, detract from interest in AVCCAM or, to state it a bit differently, interest in NXCAM did not take place at the expense of interest in AVCCAM.


Friends of HD Video

One of my favorite video-related Web-based bulletin boards,, recently disappeared off of the Internet. I'm pleased to announce, however, that a new board, Friends of HD Video, has arisen in its place. All users of high definition video are encouraged to visit, register, and participate in the new forums. The new site also incorporates the old Friends of HDV blog and tutorials.


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